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The best Google Ads texts for chiropractors


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The best Google Ads texts for chiropractors

In this article you will read:

  • How Google Ads for Chiropractors Works
  • Some examples of text ads that work
  • The parts that make a text ad successful

How Google ads for chiropractors works

Google ads text ads are great for chiropractors who want more clients. Due to the increased popularity of chiropractic in recent years, the search volumes of search terms in Google about chiropractic have also increased enormously.

So people are actively and specifically looking for a chiropractor. When they enter this in Google and you are with the first three ads, there is a good chance that they will click on your ad.

A click on your ad will bring people to your website. They can then contact you there and preferably make an appointment immediately. Clicking on your ad costs money. This varies from € 0.50 per click in rural areas to € 2.00 per click in the center of large cities.

People are specifically and actively looking for a chiropractors on Google.

Example of an effective text ad

After entering “chiropractor + place” by a group of people, your ad will sometimes be shown and sometimes not. We call this the impressions share or market share. From this number of impressions, a small group of people will actually click on your ad. We call this the click-through rate, CTR% for short.

The standard for a high-performing ad in the market is a CTR of 3% to 7%. And of those visitors, approximately 2% to 5% actually contact you for an appointment. We call this the conversion percentage.

There are dozens of variants and data points that ensure that an advertisement is shown often enough and clicked often enough. Think of click prices, competition, times, the quality of websites and more. In this article we will discuss the ad itself; The visible result and how it is structured. And what factors make an effective advertisement.

The best Google Ads text ads for chiropractors

The structure of an effective ad

Next to “advertisement” is the URL of the page to which the advertisement leads. You will see a blue title and one, two or three ad lines below. Specific links can also be shown to other parts of your website.

An effective advertisement is relevant to the people’s search intent. So make sure that the entered keyword “chiropractor” also appears in your advertisement. In addition, this word becomes bold as soon as it appears literally in the ad rules. Then it stands out even more.

We also recommend mentioning unique selling points. These don’t have to be complicated matters. Long opening hours and mentioning specializations can create a preference for your ad over that of others.

You should also encourage people to take action, for example by asking them loud and clear to make an appointment or to contact you. Report that they can go for treatment within 24 or 48 hours. This can be especially attractive for people with acute pain. This is how you combine a unique selling point with a call-to-action.

And When You Use Capital Letters, People Keep Looking At Your Text Just A Little Longer On Average. And In That Time Your Ad Will Be Read Just A Little Better Than Another Ad.

Google Ads for Chiropractors by Medifactor

We’ve advertised with Google Ads for dozens of chiropractors. We therefore know what works well and what you should not do. We have also collected a lot of data and knowledge about the proper content for a website once people have clicked on your ad.

Google ads is a very effective, suitable and profitable way to recruit new clients for your chiropractic practice. The total cost of one lead varies between € 15 and € 30 each, depending on which part of the country you practice. One euro invested in Google Ads therefore yields a chiropractor ten times or even more.

Contact us if you want a fuller agenda in a few months!

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