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Google Ads for Chiropractors


Auteur: Jerry Groot
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Jerry Groot – Owner and Consultant

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Google Ads for Chiropractors

In this article you will read:

  • How you, as a chiropractor, can use Google Ads for more clients
  • Which search terms you should and shouldn’t advertise on
  • The role your website plays in Google Ads

How you, as a chiropractor, can use Google Ads for more clients

Google ads is an effective channel for recruiting new clients. Because chiropractic has become well known among the Dutch population in recent years, a strong increase can also be seen in search volumes in Google. We are mainly talking about the “chiropractor + place” related search terms.

In recent years we have successfully recruited new clients for many chiropractic clinics with Google Ads. This always goes together with a website that is well attuned to this. More about that later in this article.

Google ads is very effective for chiropractors on a specific group of search terms.

These search terms work well for a chiropractic clinic

Chiropractic naturally offers solutions for a range of physical complaints. However, we see in people’s search, click, and then “convert behavior” that Google Ads is effective at:

  • People who know they want to go to a chiropractor and enter “chiropractor + place”;
  • Or for people who want to visit a back, neck or shoulder clinic and enter “back clinic + place”; And to a slightly lesser extent – but a rewarding group for chiropractors – people who are looking for a shoulder clinic and enter “shoulder clinic + place”.
  • And finally the people – and take into account popular speech – who are looking for a “bone cracker” … maybe not nice for you as a chiropractor to hear this, but it works.
The best Google Ads text ads for chiropractors

Advertising on “physical complaints” does not work

While chiropractors are known for their great results in managing and preventing physical pain – especially back, neck, and shoulder complaints – advertising about aches and pains is ineffective. This is because people behind these search terms are in a different search phase. They are more orientational. Do I have to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath?

It is therefore better to inform these types of people with extensive informative articles in which you explain how chiropractic treatments remedy and prevent these complaints. We call this medical content. We have also gained extensive experience with this and therefore we can conclude that this is how it works.

Finally, make sure you have a good website

After the chiropractor, back clinic or bone cracker searching people have clicked on an ad result, it is important that they get answers to their questions. Especially important are:

  • Am I here with a suitable chiropractor in my hometown?
  • Is that person with a neat photo on his website?
  • Can I easily reach him by calling or e-mailing?
  • How soon can I go for an appointment?
  • What are the experiences of his current clients?

If these questions are answered correctly and positively, there is a good chance that he or she will make contact for an appointment. “Good” here means that of the 100 visitors from a Google advertisement, about 3 to 7 make contact. In another article we explain how Google Ads has a high return for chiropractors in this way.

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